- Mayumi’s concept and style -

She doesn’t like to follow the mainstream trends. It would be too easy...

Entering her boutique is a voyage off the beaten track: discover reversible sides, alternate fits, asymmetry, and detachable pieces. She strongly believes clothes must be recreational: Mayumi’s designs are an invitation to play with your style; they’re made to be fun and accessible enough for everyday. With Mayumi, shapes are floating and feminine, fabrics are breathable and ingeniously cut to flatter any form and to fit any occasion.

The style is well-thought. Mayumi is young but there are no artsy-fartsy designs in her collection, no childish details or futile froufrous, no experimental look, just some unpretentious origami-like folds, cute pleats and flounces, and manipulated fabrics here and there on casual daily wear.

In a nutshell, Mayumi is a mix and match of soft tribal motifs, south Asian silks, and hints of vintage kimonos, a splash of contrast: sober fabrics with just a touch of candy colors, keen attention to detail with cunning drapes and twists that create an overall ladylike Parisian chic or‘Boho’ look.